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We Are Electronics Repair Experts Who Specialize In Micro-Component Repairs. How Can We Help?

You're only 3 steps away from getting your electronics repaired.


Answer the following questions
and get a commitment free quote  for your electronic devices.


Send in your electronics

We provide a FREE pre-paid shipping label to us and back. (CANADA ONLY)


Get your electronics back

We contact you about your repair and let you know when it's complete and ready to be shipped back for you to enjoy again.

In addition to 5 star service you get:

2 - 5 day turnaround time

When we receive your electronics we get to fixing it, quick.

100 day limited warranty

Repaired by certified techs

Each repair technician has undergone rigorous training before becoming a certifed repair tech.

Using the best parts

We use the best OEM parts to repair your device and make it look new and if there aren’t any OEM parts available, we invest into making a quality replacement part of our own.

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What is the process? Fill out the form on our website. Print out a pre-paid label we email you. (we pay for the shipping). Ship your device. Wait 5-6 business days before we receive the item (s). Once received, wait 2-3 business days for a tech to verify the needed repair. Once verified by the tech we will communicate with you to confirm the cost. Wait 1-3 business days to have the repair completed. Make the payment and wait 3-5 business days to get stoked. IMPORTANT - Make sure you are not sending us the original box(es) your device(s) came with. Do not include any accessories. We only need the device(s) being repaired.

How do I pay? We accept debit, credit, or Etransfer. After you confirm the repair and we will complete the repair. We will send you a secure payment link where you'll be able to make a payment via debit, credit, or Etransfer. Once the payment is complete, we will ship your item(s).

How long will this take? The Whole process will take between 2-3 weeks from the day it leaves your possession to the day it gets back to you.

Are there hidden fees/will you charge me for the repairs without me confirming them? NO, we will contact you with the cost before we start repairs. We offer FREE diagnosis on most small devices. However, when it comes to console repairs, if you choose not to have any repair work done on your console(s) e.g. Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch ... there will be a $45 flat rate fee which covers diagnostics and shipping fees.

How will you contact me? We'll contact you via email or text.

How long do I have to pay? Thirty (30) days after being notified by Mtl Microsoldering that your device has been serviced. ℹ️ If you have not paid all charges due within thirty (30) days after being notified by MtlMicrosoldering, we will consider your product abandoned and may dispose of your product in accordance with applicable law.

What happens if you can't fix my stuff? If we can't fix your stuff we'll send it back to you for FREE. ℹ️ Non-genuine devices (fake/counterfeit) will incur a $20 return fee.

Will I lose my data We understand that your data is valuable to you. Data loss during service is always a possibility, and in some cases, data may be unrecoverable, erased, or reformatted during service. For this reason, it is your responsibility to back up all existing data, software, and/or programs from your product, and to decide whether to erase any such data from your product, prior to receiving service. Alpha Microsoldering is not responsible for loss, recovery, or compromise of data, software or programs, or loss of use of your product or other equipment a rising out of the services provided by Alpha Microsoldering. We can not guarantee that you will get your data back or that you will not lose your data. It is up to you to back up your data.

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